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Therapeutic Approach

Dustin strives to provide a service wherein his clients experience a collaborative and empowering approach to their feeling better about their life and relationships. When it comes to finding the right therapist for you, understandably finding a provider who accepts your insurance and is taking new clients is an all-too-common scenario that many find themselves in. When possible, I encourage my clients to consider the importance of the interpersonal connection between themselves and the helping professional they decide to continue working with. When my client is confident they’ve found a counselor who genuinely cares and possess the knowledge and training to help them with their particular reasons for seeking help, these are the times when I’ve witnessed my style as a therapist to be most helpful.

Thankfully there are numerous therapeutic strategies that exist today, which provides us an opportunity to explore which might be the best fit for your current needs. There have even been times when Dustin’s clients propose they utilize a specific talk therapy strategy they’ve heard about from a friend/family member who reports success with it, or they recently benefited from at an inpatient treatment program. When appropriate, Dustin honors such requests thus acknowledging the value of your active investment in your health care.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is one approach Dustin continually finds profound success in utilizing with his clients who’ve encountered past or recent trauma, marital conflict, and even parenting challenges. Dustin continues to actively obtain training in the latest strategies in working with couples, families, and individuals.