About Erika


Therapist often identify me as warm and compassionate.  Clients and patients frequently share the same observation, saying that they feel safe with me.  These feelings flow from my deep belief that there is a spark of the divine in every person.  From that place, I don’t judge others and I don’t shame.  While I embrace the wisdom of many of the world’s religions, I see myself as spiritual, not religious.

You might find it important that I’ve lived a long and adventurous life.  I’ve been knocked down repeatedly and gotten back up each time, to recreate a life worth living.  It might be important that I have always been curious and that I continue to learn.  And, while my age might suggest otherwise, I am anything but elderly.  As Madeleine L’Engle once said, I am every age I’ve ever been.

You might find it important that I am a woman who happens to be transgender.  Some clients chose to work with me because they have, what some consider, unconventional relationships.  Some chose to work with me because they are also members of the LGBTQI family.  To most of my clients, my gender is no more important than the color of my hair and eyes.