Therapeutic Approach

All of us have wounds that need tending and healing.  There are times when something happens in our lives that shakes us up, as if the ground beneath our feet has given way. In times of sadness, fear, devastation and doubt, it is helpful to have someone who can help us shoulder these thoughts and feelings to help set a course for healing.

I believe that the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist plays an important role in the healing process. I offer my clients an open heart and a belief that each one of us has strengths, wisdom, love, joy, confidence and a sense of purpose at our core.  Sometimes we lose touch with these aspects of ourselves and need to identify what prevents us from connecting with our core.

In the process of identifying what is getting in the way of living as we would like to, it is helpful to notice connections from current problems with things that have been of issue for us in the past.  In other words, challenges we face in our current relationships often stem from relationships in our family of origin. Understanding these connections can aid in deepening our self-awareness, and thereby can positively impact our ability to choose a different path instead of feeling we are trapped in old patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.

While my training has touched on several models from the field of marriage and family therapy, currently I am drawn to work that focuses on mind-body connection, family systems, and a multiplistic approach to understanding the individual.  Specifically, I incorporate Internal Family Systems and the work of John Welwood into my therapeutic approach.  I focus on identifying what is getting in the way of each person’s intrinsic resources and their ability to tap into their strength, confidence and unique gifts that they have to give to themselves, and those around them.

I am continually inspired and moved by each person’s natural inclination to heal, and it is an honor for me to be able to play a part in this process.