Therapeutic Approach

My approach to therapy is informed by psychodynamic, relational and attachment theories, drawing from an interpersonal and family systems framework. For work with couples, I primarily work from Relational Life Therapy (RLT) and the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) models where we identify problematic patterns in your relationship and work on shifting those patterns in ways that increase intimacy and growth in emotional and relational self awareness. It can be hard to see our patterns and ways of relating that aren’t working in the way we want from the viewpoint of being on the inside looking out, and together we can work to deconstruct these challenging patterns and build or restore healthy, thriving relationships. I will tailor how I approach our sessions to you as an individual or your unique relationship depending on your needs and the nature of each session. I believe in a collaborative energy to our relationship; you are the expert on your own life and I will not prescribe what’s best for you or your healing process. I offer a kind, thoughtful, supportive and creative presence to helping you unfold on your journey with special attention to increasing present moment awareness and drawing on your unique strengths to continually inform our work together.

I offer an affirming and inclusive space to any person across the spectrum of gender, sexuality and relationship diversity. Sometimes our work is about exploring our identities and life experiences that have been marginalized, and my work is informed by understanding how systems of power and oppression influence our ability to live and thrive in our own bodies and among our communities at large. I practice from a feminist perspective with a social justice, intersectional and anti-racism lens. As a cis gender woman in a white, able body I am constantly working on deepening my understanding of my own privilege. This is lifelong work, and I am open and able to lean into continued dialogue about areas where I can learn and do more.