About Julia

As you are reading this page, you may be filled with a lot of emotions: anxiety, fear, doubt, sadness. Or you might be looking for greater understanding of yourself and the people you share your life with. Whatever you are experiencing, it is important to find the right counselor for you, one who will meet you with an open heart and mind, and aid you in finding the direction you are seeking that is uniquely yours. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about myself so that you can get an idea of whether or not I would be a good fit for you.

Some of my adult life experiences have deeply impacted me personally, and in turn professionally. These include choosing and marrying my husband, living and working abroad, having children, and working as a marriage and family therapist. Each of these parts of my life has asked me to deepen into who I am, to face some of my fears/demons, and has given me opportunities to grow emotionally, spiritually, and skillfully. The most profound aspect of all of this is the chance I have found and find each day to open my heart to connect with the people in my life, and within myself. I am a work in progress, as are we all. It is truly an honor for me to do this work. I endeavor to offer a clear, open, and accepting connection with my clients, making the possibility for healing and growth to occur.

My Masters Degree is in Marriage and Family Therapy. If you would like to have further information about my training and experience, please click on my Resume link. To learn more about my theoretical approach to doing therapy, please click on my Theoretical Orientation link. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.